CL, BSE, STEM & EBIC detectors

from Deben

We offer CL, BSE, STEM & EBIC detectors for SEM applications and systems.

Gen5 Solid-State four quadrant Back Scattered Electron (BSE) SEM Detector

The Gen5 amplifier system has the possibility to be setup with one, two, three or four input channels. It can also be equipped with up to three simultaneous video channels. The user will have unrivalled control over settings to take highly optimized images.

Gen5 Retractable Bright & Dark Field SEM STEM Detector

Bright and dark field imaging with Gen5 STEM detector.

Centaurus Scintillator CL & Backscattered Electron (BSE) Detector

A scintillation type BSE detector which can be converted to a Cathodoluminescence detector.

SEM Specimen Current Detector / EBIC Amplifier

Operates with the small currents absorbed by the sample in the SEM.


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