Ocean In Situ TEM Liquid Series

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The Ocean In Situ TEM Liquid Series allows imaging of materials and biological samples in a contained MEMS based Nano-Cell.

The Nano-Cell ensures the sample is fully hydrated and the liquid can be controlled in either a static or flowing condition.

No dry, fix or freeze of samples required
Nano-Cell static and flow modes
TEM safety: Nano-cell integrity test station included
TEM safety: Feed tubing replaceable by user
Biologically compatible, chemically inert

All DENSsolutions systems use patented Nano-Chip MEMS Technology

Nano-Chips are state-of-the-art functional sample carriers that replace traditional TEM Cu grids. Based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), they offer the unique ability to expand your application space and control the environment and stimuli locally on the Nano-Chip. Each Nano-Chip creates a micro-scale laboratory environment within your TEM. Due to its very low mass and minimal power consumption, the response times are extremely fast and performance highly reliable.

Unique MEMS Design for Optimal Stability

Nano-Chips are fabricated to ensure a stable, chemically inert and electrically insulated environment.

Controllable Response

Easy-to-use software for operational modes and complete data logging.

Application Specific Fabrication

A range of Nano-Chip support film options to suit all application requirements.

Nanoparticle processes
Fuel cell studies
Battery studies
Biomineralization studies
Cellular Studies

"In-situ TEM provides a new dimension in dynamic structural studies of a range of technologically important materials. The Department of Materials at Oxford will use the DENSsolutions sample heating holder in a number of projects related to catalysis and low dimensional carbon materials. We have chosen this solution for its unrivaled stability and control."

- Professor Angus Kirkland, Professor of Materials, University of Oxford, United Kingdom


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