In situ TEM solutions

DENSsolutions offers a complete suite of in situ sample management solutions for heating, biasing, gases & liquids in Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM).

All systems allow investigations of samples such that the dynamics can be directly observed at high resolution.

The DENSsolutions systems use a factor 1000 less power than traditional systems and offer the most accurate & reliable performance by means of localized and continuous temperature feedback.

Optimized versions for both JEOL & Thermo Fisher TEMs.

The Wildfire in situ TEM heating seriesenables thermal studies to be performed in a controlled and stable environment within your TEM. Catering for a variety of application spaces, the Wildfire In Situ Heating Range transforms your high-end TEM from a static imaging tool to a multi-functional laboratory.


The Lightning in situ TEM biasing & heating series provides real-time information about your specimen under a controllable electrical and thermal environment.


The Climate in situ TEM gas & heating series offers a high pressure gas environment at elevated temperature inside a sealable nano-reactor. Enabling the direct characterization of a solid-gas reaction at atomic resolutions that can now be controlled and studied in real-time.


The Stream in situ TEM liquid biasing and heating series allows imaging of materials and biological samples in a contained MEMS based Nano-Cell with in-situ biasing and temperatures up to 100 °C.

The patented Nano-Cell design and pressure based pump ensure the sample is fully hydrated and the liquid can be accurate controlled in either a static or flowing condition.


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