Plasma systems for laboratory and R&D use

from Plasma Technology

The plasma systems from plasma technology are ideal systems for laboratory as well as R&D use. The implemented KHz generator technique eliminates the need for sophisticated electronics and impedance adaptation as is required for MHz generators.

The systems from the SmartPlasma series are ideal candidates for the daily use in your laboratory. They  combine easy-of-use with the flexibility to change the process parameters (pressure, power, process time).

The systems from the MiniFlecto series concentrate more on R&D applications. All components are integrated into the system and the user can  control the pressure and power settings as well as  process time and process gas.

The SmartPlasma and MiniFlecto systems are well suited for cleaning the surface of smaller samples. Both series can be equipped with different options and  you have also different system configurations to choose.

Please note: Though stainless steel reactors are not recommended for application involving argon they may be used. Argon erodes surfaces. The erosion products may contaminate your samples.

The use of MHz generators is mandatory for applications involving wafers (stripping, etc.) and crystal grid structural analysis like TEM.


Ashing of organic constituents
Cleaning of TEM sample holders and all sample surfaces
Structuring or etching of surfaces
Modification of surface properties (hydrophilic / hydrophobic)


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