RF-Plasma etcher

K1050X from Quorum Technologies

The modern, solid-state 13.56 MHz plasma reactor K1050X is designed for the requirements of research and development and small-scale production. It is suitable for a wide range of plasma etching/ashing and cleaning applications.

Plasma etcher/asher/cleaner
Drawer type specimen stage
Fully programmable via microcontroller
Two gas flow meters
Modern, solid-state 13.56 MHz (RF) power supply (100 W)

The  RF-Plasma etcher K11050X operates fully automatically. Micro-processed control provides durable and simple operation. K1050X uses low pressure, RF-induced gaseous discharge to modify surfaces or remove material in a controlled way. The system has a horizontally mounted 110 mm diameter x 160 mm length borosilicate glass chamber with a slide-out specimen drawer and viewing window.

It features radio frequency power of up to 100 Watt at 13.56 MHz and can be infinitely controlled and pre-set to required values. Power is automatically impedance-matched to any variation in system or loading.


  • Capacitance manometer- for use with CF4 and similar reactive gases
  • Quartz chamber and door (replaces standard borosilicate chamber and door)
  • K1050XT - A turbo-molecular pumped version is available - please contact us for information
K1050X RF Plasma etcher/asher/cleaner
Instrument case450 mm x 350 mm x 300 mm (WxDxH), Weight: 25 kg
Barrel work chamberBorosilicate glass 110 mm Ø x 160 mm
Rack out drawerSliding drawer assembly with specimen holder tray
Plasma outputRF power supply - solid state 150 W RF
Vacuum gaugeActive gauge head with fully operating vacuum range display (atmosphere to 1x10-5 mbar. Normal operating vacuum 0.5 mbar to 1.0 mbar)
TimerDisplays elapsed time with range selection: 99.9 hours with automatic termination of the plasma process
Dual gas flow gaugesDual gas needle valve flow control, selectable for either or both gases
Electrical supply230 V/50 Hz (5 A max including pump),
115 V/60 Hz (10 A max including pump)
ServicesProcess gas at nominal 5 psi (0.33 bar)
Vacuum pumpRequires a rotary pump with a capacity of 50 l/min. or greater. A special version is recommended for oxygen gas applications
EK3158K1050X RF plasma barrel reactor (rotary pump also required - see optional accessories)
EK3161K1050XT RF plasma barrel reactor with built in 50 l/sec. turbo-molecular pump (rotary pump also required - see pptional accessories)
Pumps and optional accessories
VTM-Duo5Pfeiffer DUO 5 two-stage pump
EK3171Scroll pump
EK4222Quartz chamber and door
(replaces the standard borosilicate chamber and door)
Asbestos and man-made mineral fiber detection using plasma ashing preparation techniques
Plasma etching (removal) of photoresist and epilayers
Low temperature plasma ashing of organic materials (epoxy resins, filters, foodstuff, etc.)
Surface treatment of plastics for hydrophobic to hydrophilic conversion
Improving painting and inking characteristics of plastics
Plasma etching and plasma ashing of organic specimens for SEM and TEM examination
Plasma cleaning of SEM, TEM and SPM parts
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