Tissue chopper

McIlwain TC752 from Mickle Lab

The McIlwain TC752 tissue chopper has been specifically developed for the preparation of microscopic sections of small and irregularly shaped samples (biopsy, small organs etc.). The special design of the instrument ensures that the tissue is sectioned with a minimum of functional disturbance, and facilitates the repeatable preparation of tissue sections.

Rapid sectioning with a minimum of functional disturbance
Infinitely variable section thickness
Sectioning of tissue into cubes or prisms

For tissue preparation with the McIlwain TC752 tissue chopper the sample is placed on a stainless steel table and affixed to a plastic disc. The table with the sample is automatically moved underneath the chopping arm at a user-preset speed. While the sample moves together with the table, the chopping arm cuts through the sample from top to bottom. Speed and number of sections can be set within a range of one to 200 sections per minute. The McIlwain tissue chopper cuts sections, cubes or prisms with an edge length of up to 1 mm within 30 seconds. The section thickness can infinitely be adjusted with the help of a micrometer gauge. To cut prisms, the table is returned to its initial position after the first cut and the sample stage is turned by 45°. Cubes are obtained by rotating the table through 90°.  A rapid return feature ensures short preparation times.



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