Sputter & carbon coater for glove box - high vacuum

Q150GB from Quroum Technologies

The Q150GB is a modular glovebox version of the highly successful Q150T ES bench top turbomolecular-pumped coating system. It is suitable for SEM, TEM and many thin-film applications. The system is a single platform for sputtering, carbon rod and metal evaporation (optional).

Fully automatic coating process
Built-in turbo pump
Large chamber: 165 mm in diameter
Suitable for noble and common metals
Flexible modular design
Combination of sputter coater and evaporator for glovebox mounting (Q150GB)

The Q150GB can be used as sputter coater, carbon coater or for metal evaporation. The different head plates can be exchanged easily within seconds. The unit recognizes the replacement and the operating menu changes accordingly. A touch screen is used to enter coating parameters, display the coating sequence and show error messages. Multiple users can store their recipes including all parameters. Awarded access rights protect selected parameters against deletion and unauthorized modification. Only the administrator has access to all settings.

A number of optional sample stages ensure the efficient and repeatable coating of samples within a wide range of geometries.

Options for glovebox mounting:
A vacuum module is mounted in the floor of the glove box. A cut-out is made in the floor of the glove box and the vacuum chamber is fitted and sealed with the supplied gasket. External parts like power supply, vacuum pump and argon gas can be connected directly to the chamber.

Alternatively, the power supply, vacuum pump and argon gas connections are made through two KF40 feedthroughs in the rear of the glove box.

Each Q150GB is supplied with an accessory/configuration kit for internal or external mounting of the vacuum chamber. We also offer solutions for other manufacturers’ glove boxes. Please contact us for more information.

If necessary, the touch screen user interface can be positioned outside of the glove box environment.

Flexible modular design

A flexible modular design allows the work chamber to be mounted through the baseplate or, where box floor modification is not possible, inside the glove box.
Depending on the user preference, Q150GB can be both a top-of-the-range sputter coater for high resolution scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and a high-vacuum carbon coater suitable for SEM and TEM. The system’s flexibility can be further expanded by a wide range of accessories.

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