Fast large format camera covering visible to near infrared

Cheetah VisNIR from Xenics

Cheetah VisNIR is the world fastest large format near infrared camera, equipped with a special broad band detector. Maximum frame rate up to 1700 fps in 640 x 512 Pixels.

400 nm - 1700 nm broad band detector
Large format array
Windowing for even higher frame rates
Thermoelectric cooling
SDK for own programming available

The Cheetah-640CL VisNIR camera is equipped with a dedicated high speed VisInGaAs detector array working from 400 nm to 1.7 μm and comes in three speed versions: 400, 800 and 1700 Hz. It allows you to visualize the ultra high-speed features of your specific research application. The camera head interfaces to your unique frame grabbing system via one or two parallel CameraLink interfaces. The Cheetah-640CL VisNIR is delivered with a software development kit which offers direct access to various camera settings and allows easy integration with your own high-speed image grabbing system.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Laser range finder
High speed images
Injection control
Water detection


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