Fully automated quartz crystal microbalance system

Pro from QSense

This high-end QCM-D surface analysis equipment is an intuitive instrument and software platform that senses mass change, layer thickness, binding and molecular orientation at the nano-scale. It´s 8-sensor module allows high throughput and makes reproducibility easy. High precision flow-control is ensured by using syringe pumps that work separately and allows four channels to be used independently.

Programing automated mixing including concentration gradients of samples ensures high reproducibility.
Temperatures can be set between 4 and 70 °C enabling stable temperature control. Pre-cooling or heating of sample racks is possible.

Fully automated system with 8 sensor capability
30 μl sample needed per sensor
Flexible choice of surfaces
Independent channels and automated mixing
Temperature can be set between 4 to 70 °C enabling stable temperature control
Measuring molecular interaction

QCM-D can detect and quantify during the binding of small molecules for example the antigene antibody interaction as well as conformational changes in proteins.

Thickness measurements of adhesion layers on surfaces

Molecules such as prolymers bind to surfaces. With QCM-D a quantification of the thickness of such layers can be made.

Desorption measurement

Cleaning properties of detergents can be measured in real time.

Polymer multilayer
Lipid bilayer
Swelling kinetics
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