Systems for solar cell characterization

The correct identification of the relevant parameters of a solar cell is the basis of its successful further development. Apart from determining the standard IV curve by using a solar simulator and source meter, it is necessary to gain detailed information on the spectral behavior (quantum efficiency or incident photon-to-current efficiency IPCE). We offer comprehensive all-in-one systems to provide solutions to both challenges.

The basis for IV curve measurements of solar cells is a temporally stable illumination spectrum close to that of the sun, provided by a solar simulator. If the solar simulator is combined with a contacting unit, a source meter as electronic load and corresponding controlling and analyzing software you have a complete IV curve measurement system. The contacting unit allows safe, repeatable electronic contacting of the solar cell with the source meter. Due to the great variety of different cells in the field, we offer customized solutions.


Apart from IV curves, the most important measurement on solar cells is that of the quantum efficiency or quantum yield, respectively. Our PVE300 system from Bentham is suited for all types of cells. It is based on a tunable, monochromatic xenon/halogen dual light source. The correct source is automatically chosen via a motorized mirror: xenon for the UV-VIS and halogen for the VIS-NIR range. Thanks to its modular design, PVE300 can easily be fitted to customer-specific applications.


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