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Typical tensiometer applications are surface and interfacial tension, dynamic contact angles, critical micelle concentration and more. We offer manual, automatic stand-alone and modular PC-controlled tensiometers to suit the widest range of applications.

The computer-controlled tensiometers Sigma 700 and 701 enable the determination, measurement and recording of surface and interfacial tensions, dynamic contact angles, surface free energy of solids, critical micelle concentration, and adsorption characteristics of powders and porous materials.All tensiometers are modular and can be fitted to the individual application.

The Sigma 700 series comprises two different models: Sigma 700 which features an extra wide measuring range and Sigma 701 which features an extra sensitive balance. We also offer Sigma 702, a stand-alone tensiometer for the automatic measurement of surface and interfacial tensions according to Wilhelmy and DuNouy and the determination of liquid densities. Sigma 703 D is a manual stand-alone tensiometer.


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