Wire-grid polarizing beamsplitter cube

ICE Cube from Moxtek

Moxtek’s ICE Cube is optimized for use over a wide range of acceptance angles while maintaining color uniformity and image contrast in the visible wavelength ranges. The ICE Cube allows compact optical designs with reduced optical paths. Engineers are now able to design smaller systems while maintaining excellent optical performance. The ICE Cube can be optimized for high index, contrast, or efficiency (ICE) and is a superior choice over MacNeille cube designs.

Large angle of incidence range
Color uniformity over wide range of angles
High contrast over wide range of angles
High transmission over wide range of angles
General specifications
Operational wavelength
400 - 700 nm
(typical average for azimuthal)
AR coatingR (avg) < 0.5% @ 400 - 700 nm
(cube faces)
Dimensional tolerance+0.0 mm/-0.25 mm
Clear aperture> 90%
Angle of incidenceUp to ±25°
Maximum temperature90 °C
Transmission wavefront
< λ/3 (typical) @ 632 nm
Beam deviation< 5 arc minutes
2D & 3D projection display
Head-mounted display (HMD)
Head-up display (HUD)
Analytical instrumentation


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