Accessoires de filtre

In addition to our standard rings, Andover offers a variety of threaded ring mounts. Standard sizes and thread pitches enable the user to attach the filter securely to equipment.


These filter wheels are used for a host of applications, including color CCD photography, fluorescence microscopy, and photometry. Two 4" dia, wheels are available: one which accepts six 25mm filters, and one which accepts twelve 12.5mm filters.


The performance of very narrow bandwidth interference filters can suffer significantly due to changes in ambient temperature or aging effects. Elevating the filter temperature can counterbalance aging shifts of up to 0.5nm and also provide a means of tuning the center wavelength to an exact value. As all our filters are bake stabilized to minimize any wavelength shifts with age, the regulated temperature controller provides protection against the influences of fluctuating ambient temperatures.

All of our filter ovens come with a universal oven controller, which will operate from 110 to 220 volts, 50-60 Hz and include plugs for US, UK, Australia and Europe.

Shipped in a sturdy, reusable weatherproof case.


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